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welcome to the exciting world of independently-produced feature length movies!

Until relatively recently, the movie production industry has been controlled by the major studios, making investment opportunities in individual films generally unavailable to the public. But due to the increased demand for American made films worldwide and the development of new markets including network, pay and cable television, and video disc market, there is a tremendous shortfall of quality product. The growth of all these markets has created a demand, which cannot be met by the studios alone. These major studios and distribution companies now rely on independently financed movies to fill this void.

LZP would like to introduce you to the world of motion pictures by bringing together investors to participate in the funding of our of movie projects. Although the major studios have large budgets, "bigger" is not always "better". Facts show that an independent film can be produced for less money and still not sacrifice quality production values. This is possible today when new production technology is coupled with a no frills, back to basics business attitude. Using a scaled down version of the "studio model", our investors buy shares of LZP Films to create a "ready reserve" funding resource for those film projects we acquire and produce. In this way, our investors' funding is spread out over several projects and each investor likewise shares in the success of each project. We believe this business methodology creates a uniqely great investment opportunity which may have unlimited profit potential.

Of course, we are excited and optimistic about our profit potential but there's always a chance that any monies invested in any of our projects may not produce a return on your investment. We must point out that possibility, both legally and ethicly. Only those financially secure enough to be able to lose their investment amount -- and without suffering financial hardship -- should consider investing in our projects.

We invite you to review our projects listed within this site and contact us for additional information.

If you are interested in learning more and are a potential investor, I invite you to provide me with you contact information by filling out the following short form:

An email will be sent to you verifying that your information was received.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Sal Lizard, Executive Producer
LZP Films Inc.

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