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About me, Sal Lizard

I am a manager. Since early in my adult life, I was "tapped" at many of my jobs and placed in a team or departmental management positions. Later in life, I have degrees in business and computers systems. I have owned my own businesses and worked in corporate-level middle and executive management roles. I am intrigued by management opportunities, especially, when I can institute practices and processes to ensure that business is managed properly with regard to employment satisfaction and reduced physical and legal risk. I have a "team-builder" managerial style and, in the past have enjoyed the satisfaction of profit and resource effieciency while maintaining a safe and productive work environment. I also believe that satisfied employees are productive employees.

I am an actor. I began acting on stage, while in high school, in Indianapolis, Indiana. In more recent years, I've gotten involved in community theater and in various film projects. Since 2003, I have acted in over thirty films, including student films, "shorts", and "feature". I have worked on union and non-union sets. I have been in "big-budget" studio projects and, mostly, independently-produced ones. In 2009, I joined the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and in 2010, I joined the American Federation of Radio and Television Artisis (AFTRA).

I am a producer. I have worked with some great directors, in the past. But oft times, they were more into the art rather than the business of filmmaking, so projects "died" during the production for lack of funding, or weren't completed because they couldn't hire a good editor, or simply became a part of the director's collection because he couldn't get it distributed. Because of limited funding, most actors do "Indies" for no pay with the hopes that they can build their resumes and get good footage for their acting reels. When a film doesn't make it out there, everyone involved loses the benifit of having thier work seen by those that might further their career.

Being a producer allows me to "marry" my passion and knowledge as an actor with my passion and knowledge of business. As a producer, I work to raise the funding and negotiate the business arrangements and production costs to ensure that the resources are provided to get the film made. I can work to minimize the risk of those involved by making sure that the project, cast and crew are insured to cover liabilities, errors and omissions, loss of wages and ensuring that agreements, releases, and contracts are in place. And, most importantly, I can work to fund the film so that the cast and crew are paid and that the project can be marketed when completed.

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